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Aisa Reproduction in Spain, offers a full range of medicine treatments for women and men who are willing to conceive a baby:



The most complete range of gynecological treatments are provided to our patients:

  • Complete periodical check-up
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological pathology
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancer
  • Study of masculine and feminine sterility
  • Gynecological ultrasound
  • Invasive diagnostical ultrasound
  • Gynecological treatment under ultrasound control
  • Diagnostical ambulatory laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
  • Surgical laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
  • Diagnosis and y treatment of benign and malign breast pathology
  • Major ambulatory gynecological surgery




Aisa Reproduction in Spain, the future mother goes through some physical and mental changes during pregnancy. This transformation makes it necessary that during this this time, more attention is needed to understand how the well being of herself and her child is considered.

At our center, in addition to the best personal treatment, we have the best technical advances to control fetal and mother health in the different periods of gestation.

Our medical services in the obstetrics area:

  • Diagnosis and control of low risk pregnancy
  • Diagnosis and control of high-risk pregnancy
  • Obstetrical ultrasound, Level I
  • Obstetrical echography, Level II
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Very early amniocentesis (from 11 weeks)
  • Late amniocentesis
  • In situ hybridization (diagnosis of trisomy of chromosomes 13, 21, 18 and sexes within 48 hours).


4D Ultrasound

Allows the early diagnosis of malformations that are not observed in ultrasound 2D conventional.

There is no risk to the health of the woman or the fetus.

It decreases the anxiety of the pregnant woman, to clearly identify the anatomical structures of the fetus, providing tranquility to the mother.

Gestures and movement of the fetus are clearly seen with this technology, allowing to capture head, body and extremities in motion: smooth, hiccups, breathing, movements of the arms and legs, suction, yawning…, which allows you to observe how development occurs neurophysiological of the fetus.

During the third quarter, the eye movements and body are added: blinking, movement of mouth… acquiring the fetus, around 31 weeks, the behaviors of newborn. It is also added at this stage of pregnancy, the pattern of the fetal heart rate.



Aisa Reproduction in Spain, we use the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of both medical and surgical, making the follow-up to the urologic diseases and pathologies of both sexes:

  • Tumors of the genitourinary system
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Prostatitis
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland
  • Urinary tract infections and acute chronic in women, the male and in children
  • Urinary Incontinence in the male, women and children
  • Treatment and control of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male sterility
  • Testicular biopsy diagnostic and therapeutic
  • Ambulatory treatment of urinary incontinence in women
  • Ambulatory treatment of pathology of the pelvic floor
  • Revisions of prostate



  • Vasectomy for contraceptive purposes
  • Vasectomy revision or vasovasostomy
  • Infertility in the couple
  • Azoopermia
  • Sexual male dysfunctions
  • Erectile dysfunction or male sexual impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Andropause




In addition to the conventional radiology services, we are carrying out various tests for the special care of the health of women, such as:

  • Diagnostic mammography (It is an x-ray of the breast, capable of detecting multiple problems and mainly the breast cancer, even in stages very early in its development. Women should be periodically reviewed their breasts since breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer in women. From a certain age, the periodic mammography is desirable together with the gynecological revision.)
  • Stereotaxy (It is the system guided by stereotaxy, based on X-rays or ultrasound, which allows the precise location of the lesion and facilitates the realization of interventionist techniques diagnostic or the marking of the lesions to subsequent treatment)
  • Stereotaxic biopsy
  • Preoperative radiology
  • Radiological study of sterility
  • Hysterosalpingography (An additional test in the infertility study. Through the injection of a small amount of contrast in the uterus leaving flowing into the fallopian tubes, under X-rays can be seen if the fallopian are clogged by checking if the fluid may or may not reach them. Radiation necessary for this test is minimal and no risk of any kind. It is carried out 3 or 4 days after you have finished the menstrual bleeding)


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