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In the best of hands

A great medical team

Medical professionals with years of experience and the most up-to-date assisted reproduction treatments.

Personalized treatment

You will feel totally looked after.

We are involved with your wellbeing from the very beginning: personal interviews, controls and specific studies for your peace of mind.

The latest technology

Advanced techniques

A modern clinic with spaces designed for your comfort, and always using the latest medical procedures.

Specialists in fertility treatments

Since 1989, cutting-edge treatments carried out by a highly specialized medical team with an exceptional success rate.

Artificial insemination

The treatment is a simple and totally painless procedure.

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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Woman’s oocyte extraction after ovarian stimulation to facilitate fertilization in best laboratory conditions.

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Eggs or sperm donation

We have an egg and sperm donation program for patients who need this service.

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Genetic diagnosis

Genetic analysis of embryos obtained by assisted reproduction techniques in order to avoid genetic abnormalities.

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Single-parent family

In our clinic we support and want to help any woman who wishes to become a mother and doesn’t have a partner.

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Lesbian couples

Couples composed of two women are also offered all the services of our clinic.

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Embryo and oocyte post-defrosting survival rate over 100%

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Totally secure storage system in our banks until either the woman or the couple decide to have children.

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We finance your treatment

We want to give you financial assistance so that your dream of being a mother comes true. That’s why we finance 100% of the cost of your treatment.

In our clinic you can opt for a whole range of medical treatments in order to achieve the  wanted pregnancy. You can finance up to 100%. From basic fertility studies to cutting-edge and promising treatments.

Ask us now

Treatments with every guarantee.

Every woman is different, therefore every case requires a different treatment. Initially, we want you to tell us your circumstances in order to get to know you better. Then our medical team might request your medical history so that we can recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Artificial insemination

AAI (Assisted Artificial Insemination) is a fairly simple and completely painless treatment. It is suitable for women with normal reproductive function.

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In Vitro fertilization

IVF is a technique that consists of obtaining the woman’s egg after ovarian stimulation in order to fertilize them with sperm in a the laboratory.

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Eggs or sperm donation

Oocyte donation is a treatment that consists of fertilizing a woman’s eggs with donor’s sperm.

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Success rate

Since our very beginnings our clinic has been outstanding for its great success rates, above the Spaish average for assisted pregnancy. The list shows the results of pregnancy rate by age as of fresh embryo from own oocytes.

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Global 0
< 35 years old 0
35-37 years old 0
38-39 years old 0
> 39 years old 0

Our team has been consistently and exclusively devoted to the improvement of infertility treatments since 1989.


All our facilities, techniques and assisted reproduction treatments feature cutting-edge technology.


Assured safety with thorough controls, cutting-edge technology and top level medical staff for your peace of mind.


We are always focused on our clients. Therefore we offer competitive prices and possibility of financing each of our fertility treatments.

Other departments in our clinic

Apart from fertility treatments, in Clínica Aísa we count on excellent professionals devoted to the following medical specialties…


We offer our patients all the available services in gynecology.


We use the latest diagnostic methods and treatments both medical and surgical.


We have the latest medical equipment for fetal monitoring and maternal health.


Treatment of cases like infertility, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

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Ultrasound 4D

It allows us to show baby’s movements, letting us see the head, body and limbs in movement.


Standard radiology and a variety of diagnostic tests with special focus on female health.